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Nanopatch™ Benefits

The inherent features of the Nanopatch™ delivery technology provide some key benefits that include:

Improved immunogenicity
By direct delivery of the vaccine to key immune cells, the Nanopatch™ can potentially either enhance the immune response generated by a vaccine, or allow the generation of an effective immune response with fraction of a full vaccine dose. Indeed, the Nanopatch™ has been shown in preclinical studies to result in a protective immunogenic response using as little as one hundredth of the dose required by conventional needle and syringe.

No cold chain
The coating formulations used to coat the patches can provide for ambient temperature stability of the vaccine. As a result, vaccine distribution would not need to rely on costly cold distribution chain that is otherwise required to prevent temperature damage which can render conventional vaccines ineffective or potentially harmful. Temperature stability also introduces the option of distributing vaccines to parts of the world where cold chain infrastructure is unreliable or non-existent.

Needle free
The array of Nanopatch™ microprojections rely on the use of an applicator to allow them to penetrate through the protective outer layer of the skin to deliver a vaccine. This contrasts the traditional needle and syringe where needle stick injuries are common and can lead to serious consequences due to the transmission of infectious diseases as a result. The Nanopatch™ projections are invisible to the naked eye and therefore are not anticipated to cause distress to people that dislike needles (around 10% of the population are considered to have a phobia against needles); this is expected to help improve patient compliance.

Pain free
The microprojection array of the Nanopatch™ has been designed to deliver vaccine directly to the key immune cells just below the skin surface. These projections do not reach a depth where they meet nerve endings, and so the Nanopatch™ delivery device is anticipated to be pain free.

Cost effective
The Nanopatch™ vaccine delivery system is being developed with high volume, low cost manufacture in mind, using well established manufacturing techniques. As a result of some of the other benefits listed above, there may be further cost savings due to using less vaccine to achieve an effective immunisation, elimination of cold chain costs and a significant reduction in the costs associated with needle stick injuries.

With its strong and unique benefits, we envisage this platform technology may be suitable for delivering a vast majority of vaccines.